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Marposs Gauging Fingers

Marposs gauging fingers are used for measuring in-process grinding operations. The 100% measurement of I.D. & O.D. during operations resulting confidence in the finished products. Marposs gauging fingers are different in shape & dimensions. It depends upon component to be measured & systems attached to grinding machines. The facility of 100% measurement and confidence, avoiding stopping the machine, while sampling Finished products which save idle time of the machine.

For longer life and economy, all types of Marposs fingers are made from GEM quality Diamonds duly lapped with tip radius. The angle is matched to the required specification. All types of Marposs fingers are made out of non-magnetic stainless steel blanks. Mostly these are used in Bearing Industries for measuring I.D. / O.D. Because, fingers acts as a sensor for digital display, hence required consistency & durability.
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